Legal Weapon - LEGAL WEAPON

Legal Weapon - Legal Weapon 1982

Formed: Los Angeles, California, USA

Melodic US hardcore/punk band whose lineup featured, at various times, Patricia Morrison, Frank Agnew and Steve Soto. Kat Arthur on vocals is their most distinctive feature, a woman punk singer who can actually sing!


Lineup 1:

Kat Arthur - vocals
Brian Hansen - guitar
Patricia Morrison - bass
Charlie Vartanian - drums

Lineup 2:

Kat Arthur - vocals
Brian Hansen - guitar, vocals
Frank Agnew - guitar
Steve Soto - bass
Charlie Vartanian - drums

Lineup 3 (1982-1985):

Kat Arthur - vocals
Brian Hansen - guitar
Eddie Wayne - bass, vocals
Adam Maples - drums, vocals



Subsequent studio albums: Life Sentence To Love (1988), Take Out The Trash (1991), Squeeze Me Like An Anaconda (1994), Legal Weapon (2002).

Singles & Albums

Legal Weapon - No SorrowNo Sorrow (12", 1981)

Legal Weapon - Death Of InnocenceDeath Of Innocence (LP, 1982)

Legal Weapon - Your WeaponYour Weapon (LP, 1982)

Legal Weapon - Interior HeartsInterior Hearts (LP, 1985)


Legal Weapon - Interior Hearts 12" PromoInterior Hearts (12", 1985)

Various Artists

Hell Comes To Your House US LP 1981 (Bemisbrain): Daddy's Gone Mad

American Youth Report US LP 1982 (Invasion): Pow Pow

Dudes - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Album US LP 1987 (MCA): Time Forgot You

Slam Chops US CD 1995 (Triple X): Equalizer

Ox-Compilation #19 - Heavenly Tunes US CD 1995 (Ox Fanzine): Damaged Wreckage



The Death of Innocence: Legal Weapon's Kat Arthur Passes Away

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