Nick Lowe - Switchboard Susan

Nick Lowe - Switchboard Susan

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US 7" 1979 (Columbia - 1-11131)

A Switchboard Susan 3:46
B Basing Street 2:31

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'Switchbiard Susan' taken from the Columbia LP Labour Of Lust JC 36087. Produced by The Artist
'Basing Street ' produced by The Artist

Additional Credits

Nick Lowe - vocals, bass
Billy Bremner - guitars, backing vocals
Dave Edmunds - guitars, backing vocals
Terry Williams - drums

Recorded at Eden Studios, London and Love Studios, Helsinki, Finland.

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Nick Lowe - Switchboard Susan - US 7" 1979 (Columbia - 1-11131)Nick Lowe - Switchboard Susan - US 7" 1979 (Columbia - 1-11131)

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