Lydia Lunch - YDIA LUNCH

Based: New York, NY, USA

Lydia Lunch / 13.13 - UK Label Side 1Lydia Lunch / 13.13 - US Label Side 1

ABOVE: 13.13 - UK label on left, US label on right

Lydia Lunch - Queen Of Siam US CD 1991Lydia Lunch - Queen Of Siam UK CD 1991

ABOVE: Cover art for the 1991 CD reissue in the US and UK respectively



Singles / Albums 1980-2000

Lydia Lunch - Queen Of Siam Lydia Lunch - Drunk On The Pope's Blood Lydia Lunch - 13.13 Lydia Lunch - Some Velvet Morning Lydia Lunch - Hard Rock
Queen Of Siam
(LP, 1980)
Drunk On The Pope's Blood (12", split with The Birthday Party, 1982) 13.13 (LP, as Lydia Lunch / 13.13 1982) Some Velvet Morning (12", with Rowland S. Howard, 1982) Hard Rock (Tape, with Michael Gira, 1984)
Sonic Youth with Lydia Lunch - Death Valley '69 Lydia Lunch - In Limbo No Trend With Lydia Lunch - Heart Of Darkness Lydia Lunch - The Uncensored Lydia Lunch Lydia Lunch - The Drowning Of Lucy Hamilton
Death Valley '69 (7"/12", as Sonic Youth / Lydia Lunch, 1984) In Limbo (12", 1984) Heart Of Darkness (10", as No Trend With Lydia Lunch, 1985) The Uncensored Lydia Lunch (Tape, 1985) The Drowning Of Lucy Hamilton (LP, with Lucy Hamilton, 1985)
Lydia Lunch - Hysterie Lydia Lunch - Honeymoon In Red Lydia Lunch with Thurtson Moore - Honeymoon In Red Clint Ruin/Lydia Lunch - Stinkfist Lydia Lunch - Oral Fixation
Hysterie (2xLP/CD, by Lydia Lunch, 1986) Honeymoon In Red (LP, 1987) The Crumb (12". with Thurtson Moore, 1988) Stinkfist (12", with Clint Ruin, 1988) Oral Fixation
(LP, 1988)
Lydia Lunch - Conspiracy Of Women Clint Ruin / Lydia Lunch - Don't Fear The Reaper Lydia Lunch - Twisted Lydia Lunch / Rowland S. Howard - Shotgun Wedding Lydia Lunch - P.O.W.
Conspiracy Of Women (CD, 1990) Don't Fear The Reaper (12"/CDS, with Clint Ruin, 1991) Twisted (7", 1991) Shotgun Wedding (LP/CD, with Rowland S. Howard, 1991) P.O.W. (CD, 1992)
Lydia Lunch - Unearthly Delights Lydia Lunch / Exene Cervenka - Rude Hieroglyphics Lydia Lunch - Universal Infiltrators Lydia Lunch - No Excuse Glyn Styler / Lydia Lunch - The Desperate Ones
Unearthly Delights
(7", 1993)
Rude Hieroglyphics (CD, with Exene Cervenka, 1995) Universal Infiltrators (CD, 1996) No Excuse (7", 1996) The Desperate Ones (CDS, with Glyn Styler, 1997)
The Foetus Symphony Orchestra featuring Lydia Lunch - "York" Lydia Lunch - Matrikamantra      
"York" (First Exit To Brooklyn) (CD, as The Foetus Symphony Orchestra featuring Lydia Lunch, 1997) Matrikamantra
(2xCD, 1998)

Extraneous Releases

Lydia Lunch - The Uncensored / Oral Fixation Lydia Lunch - Drowning In Limbo Lydia Lunch - Crimes Against Nature Lydia Lunch - Transmutation  
The Uncensored / Oral Fixation (CD, twofer, 1989) Drowning In Limbo
(CD, twofer, 1990)
Crimes Against Nature (3xCD, 1993) Transmutation
(2xLP/CD, 1994)


Lydia Lunch - Sex Voodoo The Birthday Party feat. with Lydia Lunch Funhouse      
Sex Voodoo (Early Recordings 1978-1982) (LP, as Lydia Lunch, 1990s?) Funhouse (LP, as The Birthday Party feat. with Lydia Lunch, 2006)      

Various Artists

Fear, Power, God US LP 1987 (CFY Records): The Human Animal

Zetrospective: Dancing In The Face Of Adversity Germany 2xLP 1989 (Island): Lady Scarface

Home Alive - The Art Of Self Defense US 2xCD 1996 (Epic): Why We Murder

N.Y. No Wave France/Italy 2xLP/CD 2003 (ZE Records): Lady Scarface / Mechnical Flattery



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