The Lurkers - Ripped 'N' Torn

The Lurkers - Ripped 'N' Torn

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UK CD 1995 (Step-1 - STEP CD 075)

1 One Day
2 Nothing There For Me
3 Ripped 'N' Torn
4 Extreme Heat Burning
5 Red Light Girl
6 Too Lazy To Bleed
7 Don't Seem Right To Me
8 Furry Face
9 Don't Pick It Up
10 Gotta Go
11 False Fun
12 Special Friend
13 Scream And Shout
14 Shouldn't Do It
15 Slabs Of Grey
16 Who Wears The Crown
17 Start All Over (Do It Again)

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Arturo Bassick - vocals, bass, backing vocals
Dan Tozer - drums, backing vocals
Tom Spencer - guitar

Produced by Arturo Bassick, Dan Tozer and Nick Beere
Engineered by Nick Beere
Some backing vocals by Nick Beere + one guitar solo upside down and round the wrong way on 'Extreme Heat Burning'
2 bass notes by Andy a.k.a. Neville
Recorded early September 1995 at Stable Studios, Aldbourne, Wiltshire, England
1% royalties from this CD will be given to M.I.N.D. the Mental Health Charity

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The Lurkers - Ripped 'N' Torn - UK CD 1995 (Step-1 - STEP CD 075)The Lurkers - Ripped 'N' Torn - UK CD 1995 (Step-1 - STEP CD 075) Tray

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