Mad Parade - Los Angeles, California, USA

Formed: Los Angeles, California, USA

Exceptionally melodic hardcore punk band which has been active (on and off) since 1982 and has played an unrecognised role in the development of pop-punk. They split up after 1987's A Thousand Words, but reformed in the early '90s and have released numerous albums and singles since. Re-Issues (a compilation of the first two LPs and first two singles) and Real Horror Show (1982-1983 Demos) are essential listening.

Mad Parade Los Angeles Punk 1996



Subsequent studio albums: Jigsaw Reality (1994), Crawl (1996), Clown Time Is Over (1997), God Bless America (2000), Bombs And The Bible (2003), Caffeine Scream (2019).

Singles & Albums

Mad Parade - Mad ParadeMad Parade (LP, 1984)

Mad Parade - Right Is RightRight Is Right (7", 1986)

Mad Parade - Second ChancesSecond Chances (7", 1986)

Mad Parade - A Thousand WordsA Thousand Words (LP, 1987)

Extraneous Releases

Mad Parade - As Soon As It Begins... Then It Must EndAs Soon As It Begins... Then It Must End (CD, 1992)

Mad Parade - This Is LifeThis Is Life (CD, 1995)

Mad Parade - Mad ParadeRe-Issues (CD, 1999)

Mad Parade - Real Horror Show (1982-1983 Demos)Real Horror Show (1982-1983 Demos) (LP/CD, 2016)

Various Artists

Barricaded Suspects US LP 1983 (Toxic Shock): Real Horror Show

Burning Bridges UK 7" 1987 (Wear + Tear): Prisoner

Flipside Tunes Vinyl Fanzine Number Three US LP 1987 (Flipside): Second Chances

The Best Of Flipside Vinyl Fanzines US 2xCD 1992 (Flipside): Second Chances

Golden Shower Of 72 Hits Germany 2xCD 1995 (Lost And Found): This Is Life

Pogo Tribe Detector Germany CD 1995 (Ox Fanzine: This Is Life

Oi! It's Masocism Germany LP 1996 (Street Kid's): Prisoner







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