Formed: London, England, UK

Mundane band whose members went onto (slightly) bigger and (questionably) better things. Their main claim to fame is the presence of Gary Numan on bass, but by the time of the single (taken from Live At The Vortex - Volume One) he had left, reducing the band to a trio. Vocalist Jeremy Harrington was also in The B-Sides, Gloria Mundi and The Monochrome Set, while Chris Gorgier (guitar) and Kenny Bishop (drums) were also in Action Replay.

Gary Numan, Smash Hits, 1980: [Mean Street] got rid of me because I was singing... and they didn't want me writing the songs any more, so I said, 'It really doesn't bother me'. I didn't intend at that time to become a big frontman pop-star anyway - I was just doing it to gain experience, but they weren't writing any songs. So I said, 'Well, write them then, I don't mind', but that wasn't very good. And so they got rid of me, then went out and did their own set. It took them about six months to write their set, and they had a couple of my songs in it anyway - there was only about a 30-minute set, and it really was awful. The group? It was Mean Street. They were on the Vortex live album. I was disgusted. And all my so-called friends at that time would follow them around religiously, and pogo at every gig. It as like rent-a-crowd.


Singles / Albums

The Wasps / Mean Street - Live        
(7", split with The Wasps, 1977)


Gary Numan with Tubeway Army / Mean Street - White Light - White Heat        
White Light - White Heat
(7", as Gary Numan with Tubeway Army, 1987)

Various Artists

Live At The Vortex - Volume One UK LP 1977 (NEMS): Bunch Of Stiffs





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