Minor Threat - Salad Days

Minor Threat - Salad Days

Original Release Date


Release Information

UK 7" 1985 (Dischord - DISCHORD FIFTEEN)

A Salad Days 2:44
B1 Stumped 1:55
B2 Good Guys 2:14

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit: 20, 2 wks


Recorded 12-14-83 at Inner Ear Studios
Engineer: Don Zientara
Mix: Jeff, lyle, Don
Photos: Back: Tomas. Front: Glen E. Friedman
Art: Jeff Nelson


Additional Credits

Ian MacKaye - vocals
Lyle Preslar - guitar
Brian Baker - bass
Jeff Nelson - drums

Reviews & Opinions

ROAR Dec. ‘85/Jan ‘86: A motley crew this - one looks like a psychotic Oi-boy and the other three could only be accountants who joined the group by accident. The A-Side (there are 2 so-so tracks on the B) is a hard-hit "American punk" song in which he band bemoan the loss of their boyhood innocence. Too much TV at an early age, that's what I say.

Additional Notes

All pressings were made in France


Minor Threat - Salad Days - UK 7" 1985 (Dischord - DISCHORD FIFTEEN)Minor Threat - Salad Days - UK 7" 1985 (Dischord - DISCHORD FIFTEEN)

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