The Mob - We Come To Crush

The Mob - We Come To Crush

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US LP 1986 (Big City - BCR 10)

A1 Girl I Need You
A2 Upset The System
A3 Spinal Tap
A4 101 / F.A.S.T.
A5 Instant Success
B1 New Metal
B2 Crucial Point / Your Time Has Come
B3 Z.D.F.
B4 Doctor Butcher M.D.
B5 Say You Didn't Know

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Ralph Gebbia - vocals
Jack Flanagan - guitar
Christopher Hackett - bass
Jamie Shanahan - drums

'Spinal Tap': Piano - Chris
'Upset The System': Acoustic Guitar - Jack; Percussion - Chris
'New Metal': Acoustic Guitar / Additional Vocals - Jack
'Z.D.F.': Guitar, additional licks: Uncle Al, appearing courtesy of Spliff Studios
'Say You Didn't Know': Additional Vocals / Additional Guitar - Jack
'Girl I Need You': The Girl: Bobbier Carr

All songs written and performed by The Mob
Recorded at Variety Studios, NYC.
Mixed at Waterfront Studios, Hoboken, NJ.
Chief engineer: Jay Dublee
Assistant engineer: Dave DeCuzzi
Produced by: The Mob with Jay Dublee
Executive Producer: Javi Savage
Photography: Dino Pinchiaroli
Front Cover Art: Jon Ullman

Reviews & Opinions

CHRIS, KILL FROM THE HEART: Well, I'll give the Mob credit for releasing a hardcore record in 1986 and not going all out rock (or metal or pop). This is still very fast, and it's definitely tighter than their first EP (they redid a few songs for this album). It's too polished, though -- it lacks the spontaneity of their early stuff and is not too interesting. It seems a little like they're just going through the motions... And the lyrics to "Girl I Need You": "Girl, oh girl (sung in gang-style backup vocals) / Girl I need you / Girl, oh girl / Got to have ya!"

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The Mob - We Come To Crush - US LP 1986 (Big City - BCR 10)The Mob - We Come To Crush - US LP 1986 (Big City - BCR 10) Back

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