999 - Found Out Too Late

Found Out Too Late

Original Release Date


Release Information

UK 7" 1979 (Radar - ADA 46)

A Found Out Too Late 3:44
B Lie, Lie, Lie, 2:57

Chart Placings

UK Chart Hit: 69, 2 wks


Nick Cash - vocals & guitar
Guy Days - guitar & vocals
Jon Watson - bass
Ed Case - drums
Pablo Labritain - percussion

Produced by Vic Maile

Reviews & Opinions

Released as part of a one-off deal with Radar, this is typically noisy pop-punk which should please any fan of the band.

Additional Notes

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999 - Found Out Too Late - UK 7" 1979 (Radar - ADA 46) 999 - Found Out Too Late - UK 7" 1979 (Radar - ADA 46) Back Cover

Standard Sleeve. Click here for more

Found Out Too Late

Black/white picture sleeve. Some of these came shrink wrapped with a badge. Like this one here. Whee!


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