The Outsiders - Close Up

The Outsiders - Close Up

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UK LP 1978 (Raw Edge - RER 003)

A1 Vital Hours 2:26
A2 Observations 3:20
A3 Fixed Up 2:37
A4 Touch And Go 3:40
A5 White Debt 2:55
A6 Count For Something 2:24
B1 Out Of Place 2:41
B2 Keep The Pain Inside 4:55
B3 Face To Face 1:40
B4 Semi-Detached Life 2:41
B5 Conspiracy Of War 6:39


UK CD 2012 (Cherry Red - CDMRED 516)

1 Vital Hours 2:26
2 Observations 3:20
3 Fixed Up 2:37
4 Touch And Go 3:40
5 White Debt 2:55
6 Count For Something 2:24
7 Out Of Place 2:41
8 Keep The Pain Inside 4:55
9 Face To Face 1:40
10 Semi-Detached Life 2:41
11 Conspiracy Of War 6:39

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Adrian Borland - guitar, vocals
Jan [Adrian Janes] - drums, vocals
Bob Lawrence - bass
Hello to Graham Green, new bass guitarist as on sleeve

Recorded at Spaceward Studio
Engineer: Gary Lucas
Photography: June Oliver
Thanks to Margaret Richards for assistance with artwork.

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Recorded with new bassist Graham Green, this is fast out of the starting gate with 'Vital Hours', a triumph of blazing Clash guitars racing towards the last chord, but thereafter the intensity is dissipated by slower songs with sparser arrangements that hint at artier things, although 'Count For Something' picks things up a bit. Nonetheless, Borland’s lyrics (mainly personal, occasionally political) and an avoidance of R&B/rock clichés makes it better than some third-division Britpunk records of the time (i.e. Killers).

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The Outsiders - Close Up - UK LP 1978 (Raw Edge - RER 003)The Outsiders - Close Up - UK LP 1978 (Raw Edge - RER 003)

UK LP 1978 (Raw Edge - RER 003). Click here for more

The Outsiders - Close Up - UK CD 2012 (Cherry Red - CDMRED 516)

UK CD 2012 (Cherry Red - CDMRED 516). Click here for more


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