Penetration - Race Against Time

Penetration - Race Against Time

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UK LP 1979 (Clifdayn - PEN 1)

Demos 1977-Jan 78
A1 Duty Free Technology
A2 Firing Squad
A3 Race Against Time
A4 In The Future
A5 Free Money
A6 Never Never
A7 V.I.P.
A8 Silent Community
A9 Don't Dictate
Live At Newcastle Dec 78-Oct 79
B1 Come Into The Open
B2 Movement
B3 Lovers Of Outrage
B4 She Is The Slave
B5 Too Many Friends
B6 Killed In The Rush
B7 Danger Signs (Unreleased Studio Version)

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The whole of this album reissued as part of The Virgin Years.


Penetration - Race Against Time - UK LP 1979 (Clifdayn - PEN 1)Penetration - Race Against Time - UK LP 1979 (Clifdayn - PEN 1)

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