The Pointed Sticks - Perfect Youth

The Pointed Sticks - Perfect Youth

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Canada LP 1980 (Quintessence - QLP 002)

1 Marching Song 2:43
A2 Perfect Youth 2:54
A3 No Use For You 3:04
A4 When She's Alone 3:18
A5 American Song 4:05
A6 True Love 3:36
B1 1-2 4:12
B2 The Witch 2:47
B3 Real Thing 3:04
B4 Way You Do 3:17
B5 Out Of Luck 2:44
B6 Part Of The Noise 3:17


Canada CD 2006 (Sudden Death - SDR-0060)

1 Marching Song 2:44
2 Perfect Youth 2:55
3 No Use For U 3:05
4 American Song 4:05
5 When She's Alone 3:19
6 True Love 3:36
7 1-2 4:12
8 The Witch 2:48
9 Real Thing 3:05
10 Way You Do 3:17
11 Out Of Luck 2:45
12 Part Of The Noise 3:17
Bonus Tracks
13 Somebody's Mom 1:36
14 Destitute 2:26
15 American Song (Radio Remix) 3:32
16 Angeline 3:36

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Dash Ham - keyboards
Dimwit - drums
Tony Bardach
Bill Napier-Hemy - guitar
Nick Jones - vocals

Solo sax: Johnny Feraro
Tenor and Baritone sax: Wayne Kozak
Additional bass: Ross The Boss Popenoe, Whisperin' Jim Bescott and Paul Blaney
Executive-producer: Ted Thomas
Producer: Bob Rock
Recorded and mixed by Bob Rock
Artwork: Jim Cummins

Recorded at Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver, Canada, fall 1980

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Reviews & Opinions

NED RAGGETT, ALL MUSIC GUIDE: The Pointed Sticks' one studio album is one of those pleasures that is utterly of its time as well as lasting beyond it -- not a bad legacy at all, considering the ups and downs the band went through to finally record it. To be fair, the giddy power pop style the quintet specialized in was fairly crowded and in ways Perfect Youth is less distinct than simply just what was needed. Gord Nichols' keyboards aren't anywhere near as frenetically insane as Barry Andrews' were for XTC, for instance, though they are a fine counterpart to Steve Nieve's work for Elvis Costello. But nothing about Perfect Youth sounds half-assed -- credit in particular for ending on what might be its best song, "Part of the Noise" -- while there are two strong points to the band that anchor everything down. First there's Nick Jones' vocals, high, snotty, but never totally harsh, a delicious little whine (and this is meant as a compliment!). He has a smooth, easy way around his lines that works wonderfully -- check the break saluting "the young Canadians" on the title track or the sweet verses on "American Song," sounding like he's gently cascading down the descending arrangement. Meanwhile, Ken Montgomery aka Dimwit brings plenty of energy and skill from his previous Subhumans gig to never simply be a timekeeper, as can be heard in the subtle but strong fills and shifts on songs like "When She's Alone" and a great cover of the Sonics' "The Witch"; he might not be Rat Scabies but he's a good rival to his fellow local drummer Chuck Biscuits. Getting Bob Rock in to handle one of his earliest productions turned out to be an inspired move, with the deft additions of brass on some songs adding extra punch. [Sudden Death's reissue of the album 25 years on, besides adding appreciative liner notes, includes four bonus tracks -- the pre-album "Somebody's Mom" single, a radio remix of "American Song," and compilation track "Angeline."]

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The Pointed Sticks - Perfect Youth - Canada LP 1980 (Quintessence - QLP 002)The Pointed Sticks - Perfect Youth - Canada LP 1980 (Quintessence - QLP 002) Back Cover

Canada LP 1980 (Quintessence - QLP 002). Click here for more

The Pointed Sticks - Perfect Youth - Canada CD 2006 (Sudden Death - SDR-0060)The Pointed Sticks - Perfect Youth - Canada CD 2006 (Sudden Death - SDR-0060) Tray

Canada CD 2006 (Sudden Death - SDR-0060). Click here for more


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