The Queers - THE QUEERS

Formed: Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA


Subsequent studio albums: Grow Up (1990), Love Songs For The Retarded (1993), Rocket To Russia (1994), Beat Off (1994), Move Back Home (1995), Don't Back Down (1996), Punk Rock Confidential (1998), Beyond The Valley... (2000), Pleasant Screams (2002), Munki Brain (2007), Back To The Basement (2010), Beyond The Valley Revisited (2015), Punk Rock Confidential Revisited (2018).

Singles / Albums

The Queers - Love Me The Queers - Kicked Out Of The Webelos      
Love Me
(7", 1982)
Kicked Out Of The Webelos
(7", 1984)

Extraneous Releases

The Queers - A Proud Tradition The Queers - A Day Late And A Dollar Short      
A Proud Tradition
(7", 1992)
A Day Late And A Dollar Short
(CD, 1996)

Various Artists

Killed By Death #3 (Raw Rare Punk Rock 77-82) US LP 1989 (Redrum): I Don't Wanna Work / I'm Useless / At The Mall


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