Radio Stars - Something For The Weekend

Radio Stars - Something For The Weekend

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UK 2xCD 2008 (Radiant Future - RFVP010CD / RFVP011PRCD)

Disc One: Radio Stars - Something For The Weekend
1 Box 29 2:26
2 The Beast Of Barnsley 3:04
3 Is It Really Necessary 3:23
4 Elvis Is Dead (Boring) 2:05
5 Johnny Mekon 4:14
6 No Russians In Russia 3:34
7 Nervous Wreck 2:01
8 Dirty Pictures 3:17
9 From A Rabbit 4:11
10 Macaroni'n'mice 2:54
11 Good Personality 3:11
12 Eric 2:10
13 Shakin' All Over 4:16
Bonus Tracks
14 Throwaway (Studio) 3:29
15 My Mother Said (Live) 2:39
16 Two Minutes Mr Smith (Studio) 4:23

Disc Two: Martin Gordon - Hello Boston!
1 Head In A Coup 4:58
2 Miracle Baby 4:19
3 Love Power 3:57
4 The Captain Of The Pinafore 4:29
5 The Joy Of More Hogwash 4:48
6 Cover Girl 5:07
7 No Russians In Russia 4:15
8 It's A Wonderful Life 3:22
9 Bang Your Head 2:14
10 Anyway Goodbye 5:04
Bonus Track From WMBR In Boston/July 31
11 Captain Of The Pinafore 3:30

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Andy Ellison: lead vocals
Martin Gordon - bass/vocals
Ian Macleod - guitar/vocals
drums: Gary Thompson, Steve Parry, Jamie Crompton

On track 15:
Keyboards: Lino Robinson
Guitar: Tommy Willis
Sax & vocals: Chris Gent
Cello: Hugh McDowell
Drums: Paul Tully

Kelly St. John: pulchritudinous upholstery
Thanks to Steve Wright for archiving

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Reviews & Opinions

JOE SHOOEMAN, RECORD COLLECTOR: Somewhere at the middle-to-tail end of the 70s, nestled rather impishly between the latter throes of glam rock and the brief magnesium flash of punk, was a clutch of decent, stompy, tuneful rockers that sometimes had the pub rock epithet bestowed upon them. In the case of Radio Stars, there’s an inherent likeability throughout these classic-sounding rock n roll tracks. Take Elvis Is Dead (Boring) for an instant singalong, or No Russians In Russia for a piece of dottiness that skirts the edges of political comment, before thinking better of it and gawping at the semi-naked shots of Page 3 “Stunna” Kathy St John that adorn the cover. A lovely girl who looks more than ripe for a date down The Feathers with Terry from Minder, where Dave has just put this collection of live and previously unreleased tracks on the jukebox. Good, occasionally dirty, fun.

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Radio Stars - Something For The Weekend - UK 2xCD 2008 (Radiant Future - RFVP010CD / RFVP011PRCD)Radio Stars - Something For The Weekend - UK 2xCD 2008 (Radiant Future - RFVP010CD / RFVP011PRCD)

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