Ramones - Too Tough To Die

Ramones - Too Tough To Die

Original Release Date


Release Information

UK LP 1984 (Beggars Banquet - BEGA 59)
US LP 1984 (Sire - 9 25187-1)

A1 Mama's Boy 2:09
A2 I'm Not Afraid Of Love 3:12
A3 Too Tough To Die 2:35
A4 Durango 95 0:55
A5 Wart Hog 1:54
A6 Danger Zone 2:03
A7 Chasing The Night 4:25
B1 Howling At The Moon (Sha-La-La) 4:06
B2 Daytime Dilemma (Danger Of Love) 4:31
B3 Planet Earth 1988 2:54
B4 Human Kind 2:41
B5 Endless Vacation 1:45
B6 No Go 3:03


Europe CD 2002 (Sire/Warner Bros/Rhino - 8122-78158-2) (This version also issued in US with different cat no.)

1 Mama's Boy 2:11
2 I'm Not Afraid Of Life 3:13
3 Too Tough To Die 2:37
4 Durango 95 0:55
5 Wart Hog 1:54
6 Danger Zone 2:08
7 Chasing The Night 4:27
8 Howling At The Moon (Sha-La-La) 4:07
9 Daytime Dilemma (Dangers Of Love) 4:32
10 Planet Earth 1988 2:54
11 Human Kind 2:42
12 Endless Vacation 1:49
13 No Go 3:08
Bonus Tracks
14 Street Fighting Man 2:56
15 Smash You 2:23
16 Howling At The Moon (Sha-La-La) (Demo) 3:17
17 Planet Earth 1988 (Dee Dee Vocal Version) 3:02
18 Daytime Dilemma (Dangers Of Love) (Demo)4:06
19 Endless Vacation (Demo) 1:46
20 Danger Zone (Dee Dee Vocal Version) 2:07
21 Out Of Here 4:10
22 Mama's Boy (Demo) 2:15
23 I'm Not An Answer 2:16
24 Too Tough To Die (Dee Dee Vocal Version) 2:35
25 No Go (Demo) 3:05

Tracks 14-15: Beggars Banquet (UK) single #128 (1.85). Produced by T. Erdelyi & Ed Stasium
Tracks 16-24: Previously unissued. Produced by T. Erdelyi & Ed Stasium (except 'Planet Earth 1988', 'Endless Vacation', 'Danger Zone' & 'Pass This Way' Produced & Mixed by T. Erdelyi. Recorded at Daily Planet, New York, NY (1984)

Chart Placings



Produced by T. Erdelyi & Ed Stasium
'Howling At The Moon' Produced by David A. Stewart in association with T. Erdelyi & Ed Stasium
Engineered by Ed Stasium
Assistant Engineers: Steve Rimkoff and Mark Cobrin
Mixed at Sigma Sound, New York
Assistant Engineer: Glenn Rosenstein
Originally Mastered by Jack Skinner at Sterling Sound

Cover by Tony Wright
Photography by George Du Bose

Special Thanks:
Dave Stewart
Jerry Harrison (for synthesizers on "Chasing The Night")
Ben Tench (for keyboards on "Howling At The Moon (Sha-La-La)")
Walter Lure, Matt Lolya, Arturo Vega, Monte Melnick, Larry C., Andrea Starr, Kate Gaffin, John Markovich, Tim Dailey, Mong


Additional Credits on 2002 CD:

Joey Ramone: vocals
Johnny Ramone: guitar
Dee Dee Ramone: bass
Richie Ramone Ramone: drums

Reissue Produced for Release by Bill Inglot & Gary Stewart
Project Coordination: Steve Woolard
Product Management: Marc Salata
Remastering: Dan Hersch & Bill Inglot at Digiprep
Art Direction & Design: Greg Allen
Back Inlay & O-Card Photography: Robert Matheu

Liner Notes: Billy Altman

Additional Credits

Recorded late spring 1984.

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Reunited with Tommy on drums (for this one album) and armed with a new UK deal (they stayed with Sire in the US), Too Tough To Die is a partial attempt to catch up with the hardcore movement, and is their best album since Road To Ruin, a conscious effort to prove that they're still a proper, valid group. Side two is unusually serious, tackling political issues on 'Planet Earth 1988' and 'Human Kind', and delivering a positively phenomenal tale of failing relationships on 'Daytime Dilemma (Dangers Of Love)'. There's two cracking super-fast songs sung by Dee Dee ('Wart Hog', 'Endless Vacation'), the sparkling 'Howling At The Moon (Sha-La-La)' and a great instrumental ('Durango 95'). Despite assistance from Dave Stewart, a great record, with more than it's fair share of punk rock thrills. Check out the Warner/Rhino CD reissue that includes lots of bonuses, including some unreleased numbers, and some amazing demos with Dee Dee on vocals.

Additional Notes

The CD credits mentions that 'Pass This Way' is "Produced & Mixed by T. Erdelyi"; there is no song called 'Pass This Way' on the CD.


Ramones - Too Tough To Die - UK LP 1984 (Beggars Banquet - BEGA 59)Ramones - Too Tough To Die - UK LP 1984 (Beggars Banquet - BEGA 59)

UK LP 1984 (Beggars Banquet - BEGA 59). Click here for more

Ramones - Too Tough To Die - US LP 1984 (Sire - 9 25187-1)Ramones - Too Tough To Die - US LP 1984 (Sire - 9 25187-1)

US LP 1984 (Sire - 9 25187-1). Click here for more

Ramones - Too Tough To Die - Europe CD 2002 (Sire/Warner Bros/Rhino - 8122-78158-2)Ramones - Too Tough To Die - Europe CD 2002 (Sire/Warner Bros/Rhino - 8122-78158-2)

Europe CD 2002 (Sire/Warner Bros/Rhino - 8122-78158-2). Click here for more


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