Really Red - Modern Needs

Really Red - Modern Needs

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US 7" 1980 (C.I.A. - CIA 002)

A Modern Needs 1:58
B White Lies 2:42

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U-Ron Bondage - vocals
Kelly Green - guitar
John Paul Pope - bass
Robert N.M.N. Weber - drums

Written, performed and produced: Really Red
Recorded at M.R.S. Houston
Engineer: Bobby Ginsburg
Photography: Doug Mattice
Grpahics and printing: Random Studios U.S.A.
Hair: Wavelength
Clothes: Salvation Army

We would like to thank everyone who helped us with this record but we couldn't think of anyone

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Really Red - Modern Needs - US 7" 1980 (C.I.A. - CIA 002)Really Red - Modern Needs - US 7" 1980 (C.I.A. - CIA 002) Back Cover

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