Really Red - Really Red

Really Red - Really Red

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US CD 1993 (Angry Neighbor - A.N. 06)

1 Modern Needs
2 Too Political?
3 Bored With Apathy
4 The Fee
5 Teaching You The Fear
6 Decay
7 Run 'Em Out
8 No Art
9 Bar-B-Q
10 White Lies
11 Nico
12 Starvation Dance
13 Prostitution
14 Aim Tastes Good
15 Entertainment
16 Pigboy
17 Ain't No Time
18 Lockjaw
19 A Reminder
20 I Refuse To Sing
21 No More Art
22 Suburban Disease
23 I Was A Teenage Fuckup
24 Ode To Kurt Kren
25 Youth Culture For Sale
26 Balance Of Terror
27 Personal Hell
28 Ritual
29 Let The Night Roar
30 Hang 'Em High
31 Nobody Rules
32 War Sucks

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John Paul "Yuma" Williams [bass]
Kelly "Green" Younger [guitar]
U-Ron [vocals]
Bob N.M.N. Weber [drums]

Track 1: is from the a-side of the Modern Needs single [1980]
Tracks 2-19 are the Teaching You The Fear album in its entirety [1981]
Tracks 20-24 are the New Strings For Old Puppets e.p. in its entirety [1982]
Tracks 25-32 are the Rest In Pain LP minus the tracks 'Star Mangled Banner' and 'Just The Facts Ma'am' [1985]

'No Art' lyrics by Perry Webb courtesy of CULTURECIDE, saxophone by Derek Grevsky
Synthesizer on 'Teaching You The Fear' and 'Entertainment' and saxophones on Tracks 26-32 by Ralph Armin
Track One Engineered by Bobby Ginsburg
Tracks 2-32 Engineered by Andy Bradley
Tape transfer by Don Workman
Additional engineering on 'War Sucks' by Doug Robertson
Lyrics to 'War Sucks' by Cunningham-Thompson, Barthelme (The Red Krayola)

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Really Red - Really Red - US CD 1993 (Angry Neighbor - A.N. 06)Really Red - Really Red - US CD 1993 (Angry Neighbor - A.N. 06)

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