Really Red - Rest In Pain

Really Red - Rest In Pain

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US LP 1985 (C.I.A. - 015)

A1 Youth Culture for Sale
A2 Balance of Terror
A3 Personal Hell
A4 Ritual
A5 Let the Night Roar (With Us)
A6 Hang 'Em High
A7 Star Mangled Banner
A8 Nobody Rules
B1 War Sucks
B2 Just the Facts, Ma'am

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Kelly Younger - all guitar (drums + shouts on 'The Facts')
John Paul Williams - bass guitar
Bob Weber - drums (shouts on 'The Facts')
U-Ron T. Joad - vocals (piano on 'The Facts')
Backing vocals - all
Ralph Armin - saxophone
Steve Cook - valuable advice, co-ordination and engineering of 'The Facts'
Andy Bradley - engineer
Produced by Really Red and Andy Bradley

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