Red Cross - 1979-1982

Redd Kross - 1979-1982

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US 7" 1990 (no label - no cat no)

A1 Rich Brat
A2 Kill Someone You Hate
A3 Everyday Theres Someone New
A4 Tatum O Tot&The Fried Vegetables
B1 Notes & Chords Mean Nothing To Me
B2 Puss & Boots

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SPECIAL NOTE: The music in this album is wild, low-tech rock'n'roll and although it has been mastered from the best possible original discs and master tapes there will still be slight surface noise noticeable on some tracks. i.e. Skip On Rich Brat

Additional Credits

A1 is from Life Is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself, 1982
A2 and A3 from Public Service, 1981
A4 from Sudden Death, 1982
B1 from American Youth Report, 1982
B2 from Hell Comes To Your House, 1981

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Additional Notes

Bootleg compiling songs from various compilations originaly released between 1981 and 1982. This was reissued in 2009 in a new sleeve (same design, but red/whte rather than black/white).


Redd Kross - 1979-1982 - US 7" 1990 (no label - no cat no)Redd Kross - 1979-1982 - US 7" 1990 (no label - no cat no)

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