Red Cross - Born Innocent

Redd Kross - Born Innocent

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US LP 1982 (Smoke Seven - SMK7-103)

A1 Linda Blair 2:04
A2 White Trash 1:27
A3 Everyday There's Someone New 1:06
A4 Solid Gold 1:12
A5 Burn-Out 1:25
A6 Charlie 1:47
B1 Self Respect 0:42
B2 Pseudo-Intellectual 1:12
B3 Kill Someone You Hate 1:25
B4 Look On Up At The Bottom 2:12
B5 Cellulite City 1:59
B6 I'm Alright 1:57
B7 Cease To Exist [not credited]


US CD 1991 (Frontier - 31018-2)

1 Linda Blair 2:04
2 White Trash 1:27
3 Everyday There's Someone New 1:06
4 Solid Gold 1:12
5 Burn-Out 1:25
6 Charlie 1:47
7 Tatum O'Tot And The Fried Vegetables 1:32
8 St. Lita Ford Blues 3:27
9 Self Respect 0:42
10 Pseudo-Intellectual 1:12
11 Kill Someone You Hate 1:25
12 Look On Up At The Bottom 2:12
13 Cellulite City 1:59
14 I'm Alright 1:57
15 Cease To Exist 2:29
16 Notes And Chords Mean Nothing To Me 2:24

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Steven McDonald (bass) This fourteen year old bassist hopes that some day he will be compared to the likes of Danny Partride.
Jeff McDonald (lead guitar) Jeff is very proud of that fact that he is indeed trashiest guitarist this side of the Los Angeles river.
John Stielow (drums) now shown
Tracy Lea (rhythm guitar) This buxotic creature is the hottest and of course the foxiest guitarist since the Carrie Nations.
Janet Housden - drums

Produced by Red Cross, Felix Alanis
Eng: Mike Smith at Reel Of Sound
Cover Concept: Jeff McDonald
Photography by Steve Housden for Mansontone Inc.
Back Label: R. Pettibone



Produced by Redd Kross and Felix Alanis
Engineered by Mike Smith at Reel Of Sound
Mastdred y John Golden, K-Disc
Photographs by Ed C. Colver
Repackaging design and illustrations by Doug Erb

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Reviews & Opinions

JEFF BALE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #2, SEPTEMBER 1982: An amazing amalgam of 60's punk and the infamous Johnny Thunders-HEARTBREAKERS school of dirty guitar sleaze. Distorted axes, humorous, socially unredeeming lyrics, and a remarkably trashy aesthetic make it difficult to relate this current incarnation of RED CROSS to the band that was once famous for quintessential teeny punk anthems. But if you probe beneath the new gutter exterior, you'll find these teenage sensibilities filtered through the same warped southern California prism. With instant classics like "Linda Blair" and "Kill Someone You Hate", this album has got to be bitchin'. Grab your wide bellbottoms and cop this sucker.

FLEX! HARDCORE: Not as straight & pop influenced as on the first 12”, everything sounds a bit more drunk and stumbling, and there are first signs of the psychedelic 60s sound that dominated their later releases. Good melodic LA punk with a weird edge. [7]

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Redd Kross - Born Innocent - US LP 1982 (Smoke Seven - SMK7-103)Redd Kross - Born Innocent - US LP 1982 (Smoke Seven - SMK7-103)

US LP 1982 (Smoke Seven - SMK7-103). Click here for more

Redd Kross - Born Innocent - US CD 1991 (Frontier - 31018-2)Redd Kross - Born Innocent - US CD 1991 (Frontier - 31018-2)

US CD 1991 (Frontier - 31018-2). Click here for more


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