Redd Kross - Teen Babes From Monsanto

Redd Kross - Teen Babes From Monsanto

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US LP 1984 (Gasatanka - E-1110)

1 Deuce 3:04
2 Citadel 2:52
3 Heaven Only Knows 2:05
4 Ann 2:56
5 Savior Machine 4:05
6 Blow You A Kiss In The Wind 2:03
7 Linda Blair 1984 4:31


US CD 2016 (Merge - MRG646)

Act 1: Versión Originale
1 Deuce 3:13
2 Citadel 2:58
3 Heaven Only Knows 2:12
4 Ann 3:07
5 Saviour Machine 4:21
6 Blow You A Kiss In The Wind 2:08
7 Linda Blair '84 4:42
Act 2: Versión Especial
8 It Won't Be Long 3:21
9 Don't Turn Your Back On Me 3:33
10 Fancy 2:57
11 I'll Meet You Halfway 4:16
12 Dancing Queen 4:15

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All instruments by Redd Kross
All rearrangements by Redd Kross

Jeff McDonald - lead vocals, all guitars
Steven McDonald - fuzz & lead bass, vocals
Dave Peterson - drums, piano

Bruce Duff - soloist on 'Deuce''
Sid Griffen - harmonica on 'Blow You A Kiss In The Wind'

Produced by Geza X and Redd Kross
Engineered by Geza X
Executive Producer: Bill Bartell



Act 1: Versión Originale (1-7)
Members: Jeff, Steven & Dave Peterson
Produced by Geza X
Recorded at Kitchen Sync, Hollywood, CA
Remastered from the original tapes by Bill Inglot

Act 2: Versión Especial (8-12)
Members: Jeff, Steven, Gere, Brian & Eddie
Produced by Redd Kross
Recorded at Caffet McDonald House, Los Feliz, CA; Beastie Boys Studios, Atwater, CA; & BBC Studios, London, UK

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Reviews & Opinions

ROBERT CRISTGAU: At a moment when heavy metal's theoretical attractions--stubborn grass-roots loyalty and low-class aggression--are more potent than at any time since punk did it better, this junk miner's delight performs a real public service. Obscure tunes from Kiss, Bowie, even the Stones, that'll blast the cobwebs clean out of your brainpan. Now if only the boring parts of the concept didn't exude them right back. B+

TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #19, NOVEMBER 1984: Somewhat disappointing, especially after such a long wait for a REDD KROSS R'n'R fix. Mostly all covers (STONES, BOWIE, KISS, etc ., etc .), the only real killer for me, the only composition with that of RK pizazz is the only original, "Linda Blair." Hey guys, don't wait so long for the next record -- and get back in your groove. Pin-Ups this ain't!

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Redd Kross - Teen Babes From Monsanto - US LP 1984 (Gasatanka - E-1110)Redd Kross - Teen Babes From Monsanto - US LP 1984 (Gasatanka - E-1110)

US LP 1984 (Gasatanka - E-1110). Click here for more

Redd Kross - Teen Babes From Monsanto - US CD 2016 (Merge - MRG646)Redd Kross - Teen Babes From Monsanto - US CD 2016 (Merge - MRG646)

US CD 2016 (Merge - MRG646). Digipak. Click here for more


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