RF7 - Weight Of The World

RF7 - Weight Of The World

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US LP 1981 (Smoke Seven - SMK7-102)

A1 Kiss Ass
A2 Violence
A3 Government Science Fiction
A4 God Of God
A5 Timebomb
A6 Scientific Race - Perfect World
B1 Mission Of Mercy
B2 Satan's Son
B3 Low Class Girl
B4 Weight Of The World
B5 World Of Hate
B6 Jesus Loves You

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Nick Lamagna - guitars + vocals
Felix Alanis - vocals
Robert Armstrong - bass + vocals
Walt Phelan - drums + vocals

Produced by Felix Alanis
Engineered by Mike Smith
All songs written by Nick + Felix except 'Perfect World' by Felix
All songs recorded at "Reels of Sound" Studios, Moorpark, Calif. 1982

Front cover by Tom Clement
Back cover lettering by Mike Delgado
Back cover photos by Robert and Susan

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Reissued in its entirety as part of All You Can Eat.


RF7 - Weight Of The World - US LP 1981 (Smoke Seven - SMK7-102)RF7 - Weight Of The World - US LP 1981 (Smoke Seven - SMK7-102) Back Cover

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