Rikki Sylvan & The Last Days - Tokyo

Rikki Sylvan & The Last Days - Tokyo

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UK 7" 1978 (DJM - DJS 10873)

A Tokyo
B Haven't Got A Face

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'Tokyo' Produced by Rikki Sylvan and John Timperley
'Haven't Got A Face' Produced by Rikki Sylvan

Reviews & Opinions

??, 9TH SEPTEMBER 1978: Another underrated band, who don't seem to do very much with their time, but when they do, come up with something fairly spectacular. This Sylvan penned Oriental delicacy eats its way into the subconscious with one repetitive hook, and plenty of scintillating keyboards. Full of eastern promise, and being more commercial than their usual offerings, may just get the attention it deserves on radio.

NME, 16TH SEPTEMBER 1979: Rikki and the Last Days of Earth failed miserably (critically, commercially and creatively). So...a minor twist, and it's Ricki [sic] Sylvan and The Last Days, with more emphasis on Sylvan, less suffocating doom, gloom and self-pity. Still self-important and mannered, this insidious new release does slightly merit a new push. Assertive, well structured, neatly segmented, it oozes and throbs, overly dressy and boastful, antagonising in its striving for dignity for theatrical splendour. Sylvan's an intriguing virtuoso with an interesting pedigree, plenty of imagination, too much overeagerness, too much of his own head. He's aiming for the disorientating, solemn, imposing, unorthodox; his music so far has been affected, gaudy, haughty. He's got a lot of work to do before ge does some good.

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Company sleeve.


Rikki Sylvan & The Last Days - Tokyo - UK 7" 1978 (DJM - DJS 10873)Rikki Sylvan & The Last Days - Tokyo - UK 7" 1978 (DJM - DJS 10873)


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