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While recording their third LP, The Boys' guitarist Honest John Plain and drummer Jack Black teamed up with journalist Alan Anger (he wrote for Live Wire and Zig Zag) and two members of the Bernie Torme Band to record this one-off single, which they reissued as Cockney 'n' Westerns a year later. Basically a pub rock knees up, 'She's No Angel' had previously been recorded but never released by The Boys. A projected tour never materialised.

Not to be confused with The Rowdies from Worcester.

Alan Anger, from his myspace page

"Like everyone and his teddy bear, I made a record. I was in Wales with The Boys as they were recording their third album, when the band tried to sound cockney. I laughed.They told me to do better.So I had a go.and forgot all about it until Honest John asked if I would record it again as a 45.I did so with HJ and Jack Black of The Boys plus two members of the Bernie Torme Band.We were the Rowdies and the song was She's no angel.The b side was a Faces cover[Had me a real good time].We released it under the Teenage Depression label run by fellow fanzine writer,Geof Banks. Then Beggars Banquet bought the master tapes off us and released it as The Cockney N Westerns. It got played on the radio by John Peel and Kenny Everett. We never got to play live as the musicians were never together in one place for long enough. Shame cos I had this great send up of Rod and the Faces lined up and mod band The Merton Parkas had said we could support them. I also sang with The Boys on a song called 'Pick Me Up' and another Jack Black number called, 'The Other Man'. I believe these can be found on German compilations."


Singles / Albums

The Rowdies - She's No Angel Cockney 'N' Westerns - She's No Angel      
She's No Angel
(7", 1979)
She's No Angel
(7", as Cockney 'N' Westerns, 1980)




ALAN ANGER - An interview





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