Ruefrex - Paid In Kind

Ruefrex - Paid In Kind

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UK 7" 1984 (One By One - 1X-1)

A Paid In Kind
B The Perfect Crime

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Produced, engineered and directed by Ruefrex and Keith McCormick

Additional Credits

'One By One' Productions Present:
A. Paid In Kind
Paul Burgess - A Drummer
Tom Coulter - A Bassist
Alan Clarke - A Singer
Gary Ferris - A Guitarist
Screen Play and Score by "RUEFREX"
Graphics by: David Pentland in assoc. with "RUEFREX"
Produced, Engineered and Directed by "RUEFREX" & K. McCormick
Made on Location in the Six Counties

B. 'The Perfect Crime':
Recorded March 1980
Featuring J. Forge on Guutar

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Additional Notes

'The Perfect Crime' came from a Downtown Radio session.


Ruefrex - Paid In Kind

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