The Saints - (I'm) Stranded

The Saints - (I'm) Stranded Australian 7"

Original Release Date


Release Information

Australia 7" 1976 (Fatal - MA-7186)
Australia 7" 1977 (EMI - 11346)
UK 7" 1977 (Power Exchange Records & Tapes - PX 242)
US 7" 1977 (Sire - SRE 1005)

A (I'm) Stranded 3:25
B No Time 2:45

Chart Placings

Australia: 98, ?? wks


Fatal 7":

[Both songs written by] Bailey / Kuepper


Power Exchange Records & Tapes 7":

Thanx to Rough Trade
Graphics: Savage Pencil
An Eternal Production


EMI 7":

Australian Composition
Australian Recording
Produced by The Saints


Sire 7":

Produced by Rod Coe
From the Sire Album SRE 6039 I'm Stranded

Additional Credits

Chris Bailey - vocals
Ed Kuepper - guitar
Kym Bradshaw - bass
Ivor Hay - drums

Produced by Mark Moffatt
Recorded at Window Studios, Brisbane, June 1976.

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Absolute classic early punk, a Ramonesy R'n'B racket with bored, sneering vocals and an out-of-control lead guitar. Alright.

MARK P, SNIFFIN' GLUE #4, October 1976: My whole vision of Australian rock'n'roll was darkened by the comedy image of AC/DC. Who needs schoolboys when the Saints prove that there's at least some life "down under" (cliches, cliches!). This single is a brilliant effort. The Saints recorded and released it themselves They're what rock'n'roll's all about. They move - fast, loud, very like the Ramones, but they're no take-off. B-side is just as exciting, 'No Time' - no solos just power. Single of the year? It should be. (Fatal Records)

MARK P, SNIFFIN' GLUE #6, January 1977: I remember the old days when this was available only on Australian import. The Saints are now cult superstars, now they're probably bombing around the outback in their gold Lincoln. Sheep shearing is in the past, these punks don't wanna wear wool anymore ...they're now into leather! Yeah, reckon they're beating all the Abo's up with the ol' baseball bats. Poor bastards... no, now I'm being serious, I don't reckon they've changed at all, I bet they still havn't [sic] got a phone. B-side is 'No Time', and the whole thing is fantastic. It's a fucking great noise! (Power Exchange)

Additional Notes

The Fatal single did not come in a picture sleeve, and the EMI pressing only came in a generic one. There is also a US promo version of the Sire single (same catalogue number) with a mono version of '(I'm) Stranded' on Side Two instead of 'No Time'. These are the same versions that appeared on the (I'm) Stranded LP, and oddly each and every version of the single gets the producer credit wrong (or doesn't list him).

MARK MOFFATT, DECEMBER 2017: To clear things up, what happened is that I recorded and produced '(I'm) Stranded' and 'No Time'. I was just as green as the band and no one knew anything about credits and consequently the Fatal single had no such info. Once EMI jumped in they sent Rod Coe , their in house producer up to Brisbane to record the rest of the album. EMI credited Rod as sole producer on the 'Stranded' album even though the two tracks I recorded were on the record. My involvement was not recognized and credited until later when Ed Kuepper started talking about how the session came about and slowly the credits on subsequent compilations etc. were corrected. Ed finally put it all to rest on the boxed set. (Click here for more.)


The Saints - (I'm) Stranded - Australia 7" 1976 (Fatal - MA-7186) A-Side The Saints - (I'm) Stranded - Australia 7" 1976 (Fatal - MA-7186) B-Side

Australia 7" 1976 (Fatal - MA-7186). Click here for more

The Saints - (I'm) Stranded - Australia 7" 1977 (EMI - 11346) A-Side The Saints - (I'm) Stranded - Australia 7" 1977 (EMI - 11346) B-Side

Australia 7" 1977 (EMI - 11346). Click here for more

The Saints - (I'm) Stranded - UK 7" 1977 (Power Exchange Records & Tapes	- PX 242)The Saints - (I'm) Stranded - UK 7" 1977 (Power Exchange Records & Tapes - PX 242) Back Cover

UK 7" 1977 (Power Exchange Records & Tapes - PX 242). Click here for more

The Saints - (I'm) Stranded - US 7" 1977 (Sire - SRE 1005)The Saints - (I'm) Stranded - US 7" 1977 (Sire - SRE 1005) Back Cover

US 7" 1977 (Sire - SRE 1005). Click here for more


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