The Saints - The Most Primitive Band In The World (Live From The Twilight Zone, Brisbane 1974

The Saints - Most Primitive Band

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UK LP 1995 (Hot - HOT 1053 LP)

A1 Wild About You
A2 Do The Robot
A3 One Way Street
A4 Knock On Wood
A5 Erotic Neurotic
B1 River Deep, Mountain High
B2 Lies
B3 (I'm) Stranded
B4 Messin' With The Kid
B5 (I'm) Misunderstood


UK CD 1995 (Hot - HOT 1053 CD)

1 Wild About You 4:04
2 Do The Robot 3:05
3 One Way Street 4:31
4 Knock On Wood 3:24
5 Erotic Neurotic 5:49
6 River Deep, Mountain High 5:27
7 Lies 4:02
8 (I'm) Stranded 4:25
9 Messin' With The Kid 8:39
10 (I'm) Misunderstood 4:23

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Chris Bailey - vocals
Ed Kuepper - guitars
Ivor Hay - bass
Laurie Mysterio - drums

Layout & Design: Cameron Moss @ Serious Business
Cover Concept: Judi Dransfield
Mastered by Don Bartley

Liner Notes

These tracks were recorded early-to-mid '74, almost a year after the band had formed and almost 2 1/2 years before the release of our first single in 1976. The recording was made in my parents' garage, except for "Misunderstood" which was recorded at Queensland Uni, direct onto a mono cassette-deck and features the second line-up of the band. Before this the Saints were a 3-piece, with Ivor Hay on piano and no drummer.
In a different universe this would have been our first LP. It captures the band near the beginning of its first phase, as opposed to the EMI release which was at the end, and without getting into a debate about aesthetics, this one's probably better.
Possibly due to the 3 million line-up changes and years of rejection that followed (boo-hoo!), I think a bit of spontaneity was knocked out of us. Whatever, compared to these recordings, the EMI album sounds, ironically, a bit formularized to me. Certainly, Chris' singing doesn't get much better than the rather spiffing performance contained herein and Ivor's playing has a panache that maybe wasn't matched by later bass-players. Laurie's Deonardo Coleman-style drumming also had a lot going for it. Anyway, if you like the early Saints, have a listen to to this! Lots of love, Edmund Kuepper
P.S. Thanks to Tony Forde for the motorbike and Joe Berkowski for the photos.

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Bootleg quality notwithstanding, this early performance is semi-entertaining and demonstrates that even in their formative stage The Saints knew what they wanted: and that was to play blistering garage rock with no frills. Really for fans and historians only, this offers a glimpse of what they later perfected when they got faster and tighter. And although you'll probably never listen to it twice, it's nice to have.

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The Saints - The Most Primitive Band In The World (Live From The Twilight Zone, Brisbane 1974  - UK CD 1995 (Hot - HOT 1053 CD)The Saints - The Most Primitive Band In The World (Live From The Twilight Zone, Brisbane 1974 - UK CD 1995 (Hot - HOT 1053 CD)

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