Sex Pistols - Burton-On-Trent Recordings

Sex Pistols - Burton-On-Trent Recordings

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Italy LP 2000 (Get Back - GET 056)

A1 Anarchy In The UK
A2 New York
A3 No Lip
A4 Steppin' Stone
A5 Satellite
A6 Submission
A7 No Feelings
B1 I Wanna Be Me
B2 Seventeen
B3 Liar
B4 Substitute
B5 No Fun
B6 Pretty Vacant
B7 Problems

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Liner Notes: Alan Parker "ohnonothimagain"

Additional Credits Credits

Johnny Rotten - vocals
Steve Jones - guitar
Glen Matlock - bass
Paul Cook - drums

Produced by Dave Goodman
Recorded live in 1976 at Burton On Trent

Reviews & Opinions

RECORD COLLECTOR, 2000: Until now, the tape of the through-the-mixing-desk Burton-On-Trent '76 gig has never been issued in its entirety or correct running order, having been chopped up and released as various albums over the ensuing years. Alan Parker (editor of Pistols fanzine The Filth And The Fury) has finally managed to locate the master tapes, and the result is this must-have album for any Pistols collector. The sound is not perfect by any means, but this is a fitting epitaph to the kings of English punk. Recorded three months before the EMI deal, furious versions of 'Anarchy In The UK', 'Pretty Vacant' and 'Problems' indicate that there was, indeed, something compelling about this new musical approach. Okay, the roots lay in the Stooges, New York Dolls and Pete Townsend's nihilism, but the Pistols reinvented it perfectly for the disenfranchised youth of ''76. Here are the Pistols before they shocked the world!

Additional Notes

See also: The Original Pistols Live, Indecent Exposure, The 76 Club (The Complete Burton-On-Trent-Recordings).


Sex Pistols - Burton-On-Trent Recordings - Italy LP 2000 (Get Back - GET 056) Sex Pistols - Burton-On-Trent Recordings - Italy LP 2000 (Get Back - GET 056) Back Cover

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