Sex Pistols - Indecent Exposure

Sex Pistols - Indecent Exposure

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UK LP 1977 (Rotten Records - SEXB 005)

1 Anarchy In The UK
2 I Wanna Be Me
3 I'm A Lazy Sod
4 Pills [New York]
5 Don't Give Me No Lip
6 Stepping Stone
7 Submission
8 Liar
9 Substitute
10 No Feelings
11 No Fun
12 Pretty Vacant
13 Problems

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Live at The 76 Club, Burton, 24th September 1976

Additional Credits

Johnny Rotten - vocals
Steve Jones - guitar
Glen Matlock - bass
Paul Cook - drums

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: The original vinyl version of this show recorded in Burton upon Trent on 24th September 1976. And it's a bootleg.

Additional Notes

Sleeve dedication: This record is dedicated to all journalists, reactionary and patronising; and to record company executives everywhere. (You too, Branson...). See also: The Original Pistols Live (and its numerous variations), The 76 Club (The Complete Burton-On-Trent-Recordings) (and its numerous variations), and Burton-On-Trent Recordings. There are also numerous other bootleg/semi-official versions of this show.


Sex Pistols - Indecent Exposure - UK LP 1977 (Rotten Records - SEXB 005)Sex Pistols - Indecent Exposure - UK LP 1977 (Rotten Records - SEXB 005)

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