Sex Pistols - Pistols Pack

Sex Pistols - Pistols Pack

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UK 6x7" 1980 (Virgin - SEX 1)

1-A God Save The Queen 3:20
1-B Pretty Vacant 3:10
2-A Holidays In The Sun 3:20
2-B My Way 4:03
3-A Something Else 2:10
3-B Silly Thing 3:20
4-A C'Mon Everybody 1:55
4-B The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle 4:15
5-A (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone 3:05
5-B Anarchy in The UK 3:30
6-A Black Leather 3:30
6-B Here We Go Again 3:57

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1-A, 1-B, 2-A: Produced by Chris Thomas
2-B: A Matrixbest Production
3-A: Produced by S. Jones
3-B: Produced by Jones/Cook
4-A & 4B: Produced by Cook/Jones
5-A: Produced by Dave Goodman - Assistant S. Jones. Recorded 1976
5-B: Produced by Chris Thomas or Bill Price
6-A & 6-B: Produced by Cook and Jones

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Limited edition cash-in containing six singles in a long pvc wallet, containing a total of twelve songs. Ten of them are taken from previously released singles sides. However, Single #6 features two brand new recordings, recorded sometime in 1978, with Cook and Jones' names all over them. 'Black Leather' is a not very good rock/metal tune with Joan Jett handling lead vocals. 'Here We Go Again' is a mid-tempo rocker with Jones on vocals: it sounds exactly like The Professionals.

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Sex Pistols - Pistols Pack - UK 6x7" 1980 (Virgin - SEX 1)Sex Pistols - Pistols Pack

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