Sex Pistols - Tour Of Scandinavia

Sex Pistols - Tour Of Scandinavia

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UK LP ???? (no label - SP-3117)

A1 Anarchy In The UK
A2 I Wanna Be Me
A3 Seventeen
A4 New York
A6 No Feelings
B1 Pretty Vacant
B2 Problems
B3 God Save The Queen
B4 I Wanna Be Me
B5 Did You No Wrong
B6 No Fun
B7 Satellite

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Additional Credits

Johnny Rotten - vocals
Steve Jones - guitar; bass [B5, B7]
Sid Vicious - bass [A1-B3]
Paul Cook - drums
Glen Matlock - bass [B4, B6]

A1-B3: Live in Halmstad (Sweden) Beach Discotheque 15 July 1977 (complete. Same sound quality as "Power of the Pistols")
B4: B-Side of Anarchy In The U.K 7", 1976
B5: B-Side of God Save The Queen 7", 1977
B6: B-Side of Pretty Vacant 7", 1977
B7: B-Side of Holidays In The Sun 7", 1977

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Additional Notes

Bootleg, comprising a complete show (from the same tape source as Power Of The Pistols) and four B-Sides.


Sex Pistols - Tour Of Scandinavia - UK LP ???? (no label - SP-3117)Sex Pistols - Tour Of Scandinavia - UK LP ???? (no label - SP-3117) Back Cover

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