Sham 69 - The Adventures Of The Hersham Boys

Sham 69 - The Adventures Of The Hersham Boys

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UK LP+12” 1979 (Polydor - POLD 5025)

A1 Money 3:14
A2 Fly Dark Angel 3:04
A3 Joey's On The Street 3:04
A4 Cold Blue In The Night 2:48
A5 You're A Better Man Than I 3:10
B1 Hersham Boys 4:46
B2 Lost On Highway 46 3:36
B3 Voices 2:53
B4 Questions And Answers 3:15
B5 What Have We Got? 2:55
Bonus 12"
C Borstal Breakout 8:25
D If The Kids Are United 16:20


UK CD 2005 (Captain Oi! - AHOY DPX 613)

1 Money 3:14
2 Fly Dark Angel 3:04
3 Joey's On The Street 3:04
4 Cold Blue In The Night 2:48
5 You're A Better Man Than I 3:10
6 Hersham Boys 4:46
7 Lost On Highway 46 3:36
8 Voices 2:53
9 Questions And Answers 3:15
10 What Have We Got? 2:55
11 Questions And Answers (Single Version) 3:18
12 I Gotta Survive 1:31
13 With A Little Help From My Friends 2:36
14 Hersham Boys (7'' Version) 3:26
15 I Don't Wanna (Live) 2:07
16 Rip Off (Live) 2:44
17 I'm A Man I'm A Boy (Live) 2:11
18 Tell Us The Truth (Live) 2:07
19 Borstal Breakout (12'' Single Version) 8:25
20 If The Kids Are United (12'' Single Version) 16:20

1-10: Original LP, originally released September 1979
11-13: Questions And Answers 7", originally released March 1979
14-18: Hersham Boys 7"/12", originally released July 1979
19-20: Tracks from bonus 12" given away with LP

Chart Placings

UK Chart Hit: 8, 7 wks


Produced by Jimmy Pursey and Peter Wilson
Art direction & design: Jo Mirowski
Photography: Peter Lavery
Illustration: Brett Ewins

Liberty fanx France
Equality fanx Joe Public
Democracy no fanx, that's another story still to be told
We could mention many names
We could start all over again
But would it be the same
No legend my friends
Sham 69 was a name

Additional Credits

Jimmy Pursey - lead vocals
Dave Parsons - guitar
Dave Treganna - bass
Mark 'Dodie' Cain - drums, vocals on 'With A Little Help From My Friends'
Tot Taylor - keyboards

Reviews & Opinions

DAVID HEPWORTH, SMASH HITS, OCTOBER 4 - 17, 1979: If only this was a farewell album. A tired, hollow effort struggling between weary attempts at rabble rousing and blush-making pseudo Springsteen 'street' songs that reek of desperation and contract fulfilling. As empty and self-satisfied a record as anything they supposedly set out to replace. Don't follow leaders.

ALL MUSIC GUIDE: Where their early recordings took a lean, stripped-down approach, like a Cockney version of the Ramones, this album is dominated by sludgy tempos, pompous "anthemic" melodies, absurd neo-Rick Wakeman keyboard lines, and shouted mass choruses that suggest anyone willing to drink a free beer was allowed to bellow into the mike. And while Jimmy Pursey's lead vocals are a bit more expert this time out, his attempts towards a more musical sound simply betray the fact that he doesn't have much of a vocal range, which hardly helps on songs like "Fly Dark Angel", "Joey's on the Street," and "Lost on Highway 46," which combine the worst aspects of Meat Loaf and Bruce Springsteen with British punk at its most intellectually challenged.

PUNKY GIBBON: 'The Adventures Of The Hersham Boys' is more adventurous (pretentious) than the earlier albums without abandoning the wall-of-noise approach: 'Fly Dark Angel' is kind of country-fied with use of a pedal guitar, and 'Questions And Answers' is their poppiest song to date (although this is rawer than the single version). The highlights, however, are the notorious 'Hersham Boys', their terrifically catchy but utterly ludicrous piece of self-mythologising ("laced up boots and corduroys, they call us the Cockney Cowboys") and a new version of the call-and-response number 'What Have We Got', originally available as a gig freebie with a different name ('Song Of The Street') and here allegedly featuring Steve Jones and Paul Cook (which suggests this is not Sham 69 but the short-lived Sham Pistols). There's also a surprising version of 'You're A Better Man Than I' that is much better than most give it credit for. The LP originally came with a free 12" single, featuring an eight-minute version of 'Borstal Breakout' and a 16-minute (!!!) re-working of 'If The Kids Are United'. It's all great, and anyone who says otherwise is a cunt. Great gatefold sleeve - Polydor didn't skimp on this band - with excruciating cowboy theme (was Adam Ant watching and taking notes?).

Additional Notes

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Sham 69 - The Adventures Of The Hersham Boys - UK LP+12” 1979 (Polydor - POLD 5025)Sham 69 - The Adventures Of The Hersham Boys - UK LP+12” 1979 (Polydor - POLD 5025)

UK LP+12” 1979 (Polydor - POLD 5025). Two different stickered sleeves; most came without stickered sleeve at all. Click here for more

Sham 69 - The Adventures Of The Hersham Boys - UK CD 2005 (Captain Oi! - AHOY DPX 613)

UK CD 2005 (Captain Oi! - AHOY DPX 613). Click here for more


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