Sham 69 - Live In London 1978

Sham 69 - Live In London 1978

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UK LP 2006 (Punk Rock - PR 006)

A1 Red London
A2 I Don't Wanna
A3 Rip Off
A4 I'm A Man, I'm A Boy
A5 Tell Us The Truth
A6 Ulster Boy
A7 Borstal Breakout
B1 It's Never Too Late
B2 Hey Little Rich Boy
B3 They Don't Understand
B4 What About The Lonely?
B5 What Have We Got
B6 Borstal Breakout
B7 George Davis Is Innocent
B8 What Have We Got (Reprise)

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Jimmy (Sham) Pursey: Lead Vocals
Albie (Slider) Haskell: tea Boy Bass
Mark (Dodie) Cain: Drums and Dustbins
Dave (Vicar) Parsons: Lead Guitar

Live At The Roundhouse, London, 12th February 1978 (Supporting The Adverts)

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Reviews & Opinions

PUNK ROCK RECORD REVIEWS: This is Hersham's heroes recorded live at the Roundhose [sic] on February 12 1978. The sound quality is really good, a soundboard recording, and it features what seems like a complete gig - 15 songs including encores. Could have done with a bit more guitar in the mix. You get all the early favourites, some of them twice, but the playing is a bit rough and ready at times, as expected. The band had already got a large skinhead following when this was recorded, but were still not big enough to head-line a place like the Roundhouse. This night they were supporting the Adverts. A bit of fighting between skins and punks broke out and you get some of Jimmy Pursey's patented speaches [sic] on this LP as a result. This release is probably limited and very unofficial, maybe you can pick it up at a record fair. Not really an essential album, but a pretty good documentation all the same. It sure beats the more recently recorded Live In Japan type CDs.

Additional Notes

Bootleg. Dave Treganna is actually the bassist on this release. Four cuts from this show were previously issued on the Hersham Boys 12". This recording was also released legitimately as part of United.


Sham 69 - Live In London 1978 - UK LP 2006 (Punk Rock - PR 006)Sham 69 - Live In London 1978 - UK LP 2006 (Punk Rock - PR 006) Back Cover

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