Sham 69 - The Game

Sham 69 - The Game

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UK LP 1980 (Polydor - POLD 5033)

A1 The Game 3:01
A2 Human Zoo 2:49
A3 Lord Of The Flies 3:09
A4 Give A Dog A Bone 3:01
A5 In And Out 2:59
A6 Tell The Children 3:41
B1 Spray It On The Wall 2:28
B2 Dead Or Alive 2:56
B3 Simon 2:53
B4 Deja Vu 3:25
B5 Poor Cow 3:23
B6 Run Wild Run Free 2:45


UK CD 2005 (Captain Oi! - AHOY DPX 614)

1 The Game 3:01
2 Human Zoo 2:49
3 Lord Of The Flies 3:09
4 Give A Dog A Bone 3:01
5 In And Out 2:59
6 Tell The Children 3:41
7 Spray It On The Wall 2:28
8 Dead Or Alive 2:56
9 Simon 2:53
10 Deja Vu 3:25
11 Poor Cow 3:23
12 Run Wild Run Free 2:45
Bonus Tracks
13 Jack 3:27
14 Unite And Win 3:39
15 I'm A Man 3:05
16 Daytripper 3:41
17 Voices (Live) 2:55
18 Money (Live) 3:10
19 Who Gives A Damn (Live) 3:31
20 That's Life (Live) 2:17

13: B-Side of Tell The Children 7", released April 1980
14-15: Unite And Win 7", released June 1980
16-20: Originally given away as bonus 7" with The First, The Best And The Last LP, 1981

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Produced by Jimmy Pursey and Peter Wilson
Engineer & Keyboards: Pete Wilson
Sleeve Concept: Jimmy Pursey
Art Direction: Jo Mirowski
Graphics: Rob O'Connor
Illustration: Bob Smithers


Additional Credits

Jimmy Pursey - lead vocals
Dave Parsons - guitars
Dave Treganna - bass
Ricky Goldstein - drums

Reviews & Opinions

RED STARR, SMASH HITS, JUNE 12 - 25, 1980: Like cover, like album - godawful. Beaten at his own barrel-scraping game by the Cockney Rejects, egomaniac Jimmy Pursey has taken to preaching "philosophy" instead, bawling pretentious, meaningless drivel that would have made the Moody Blues cringe with embarrassment e.g. "Will you ever know your name?" Meanwhile the band blatter away regardless at tuneless rants (headbanging by any other name), with only Dave Parsons' quieter 'Simon' passing muster. File under unlistenable. (1 out of 10).

PUNKY GIBBON: 'The Game' is perhaps a little short on truly memorable hooks, but the guitars are amped up to buggery throughout and it's their most consistent album, and my personal favourite of theirs. The likes of 'Give A Dog A Bone', 'Dead Or Alive' (a tribute to Sid doubling up as an attack on Malcolm McLaren) and 'Run Wild Run Free' are great, angry, fast and crunching punk songs, while 'Simon' and 'Poor Cow' are relatively "subtle" yet affecting ballads. Plus, 'In And Out' features the best use of horns in a punk setting since The Saints' 'Know Your Product'.

Additional Notes

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Sham 69 - The Game - UK LP 1980 (Polydor - POLD 5033)Sham 69 - The Game - UK LP 1980 (Polydor - POLD 5033)

UK LP 1980 (Polydor - POLD 5033). Click here for more

Sham 69 - The Game - UK CD 2005 (Captain Oi! - AHOY DPX 614)

UK CD 2005 (Captain Oi! - AHOY DPX 614). Click here for more


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