Sham 69 - Unite And Win

Sham 69 - Unite And Win

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UK 7" 1980 (Polydor - 2059 259)

A1 Unite And Win 3:37
B1 I'm A Man 3:04

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'Unite And Win': Produced by Jimmy Pursey and Peter Wilson
'I'm A Man': Produced by Peter Wilson and Dave Parsons

Additional Credits

Jimmy Pursey - lead vocals
Dave Parsons - guitar, lead vocals on 'I'm A Man'
Dave Treganna - bass
Ricky Goldstein - drums
Peter Wilson - keyboards

Reviews & Opinions

DAVID HEPWORTH, SMASH HITS, JULY 10 - 23, 1980: Darwin's Theory of Evolution goes something like this: those who will not adapt to changing circumstances are doomed to die. One wonders what the man would have made of Sham 69, a band who are more determined to turn the clock back than the present government. Pursey, worrying about getting old on the one hand and getting forgotten on the other, seems desperate to come up with a cause that he can stand for. But most people are a little bit wiser in the year 1980 and his pseudo revolutionary slogans just won't wash no more.

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Sham 69 - Unite And Win - UK 7" 1980 (Polydor - 2059 259)Sham 69 - Unite And Win - UK 7" 1980 (Polydor - 2059 259)

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