Sham 69 - The Very Best Of The Hersham Boys

Sham 69 - The Very Best Of The Hersham Boys

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Japan CD 2004 (Victor - VICP-62618)

1 Angels with Dirty Faces
2 If the Kids Are United
3 Hurry Up Harry
4 Questions and Answers
5 Hersham Boys
6 You're a Better Man Than I
7 Tell the Children
8 Who Gives a Damn
9 Lost on Highway 46
10 I'm a Man I'm a Boy
11 Tell Us the Truth
1 Borstal Breakout
13 Fly Dark Angel
14 We Gotta Fight
15 They Don't Understand And
16 Ulster
17 Joey's on the Street
18 Win or Lose
19 Tell Us the Truth
20 Borstal Breakout

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