Formed: London, England, UK

Virtually unknown band (including two ex-Tremeloes!) mentioned here only because they tried cashing in on the new wave with a single called, um, New Wave. Punk it ain't: according to Henrik Paulsen's superb Punk 77 book: ...a stranger than strange instrumental. Starting like The Damned's 'Curtain Call' (released some 3 years later), it evolves into what sounds like a Radio Stars outtake with a popular hornpipe chorus, and a solo from 'What Do You do With A Drunken Sailor?" also makes an entry. A punk cash-in? New wave for the masses? What the hell were they thinking?"

Their earlier two singles are clearly not punk.


Singles / Albums

The Shepherds Bush Comets - Amazin' Grace Shepherds Bush Comets - Dixie Shepherds Bush Comets - New Wave    
Amazin' Grace
(7", 1972)
Dixie (7", 1973) New Wave (7", 1977)    






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