Skids - Fanfare

Skids - Fanfare

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UK LP 1982 (Virgin - VM 2)

A1 Into The Valley 3:14
A2 Working For The Yankee Dollar 3:38
A3 Sweet Suburbia 2:24
A4 A Woman In Winter 5:54
A5 Masquerade 2:45
A6 The Saints Are Coming 2:39
B1 Animation 4:34
B2 Out Of Town 4:08
B3 T.V. Stars 1:45
B4 Of One Skin 3:38
B5 Charade 4:00
B6 Circus Games 3:57

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Produced by David Batchelor (A1, A3, A6, B3), Bill Nelson (B1, B5), Mick Glossop (A2, A4, B1, B4, B6), Bill Nelson/John Leckie (A5) (B1 and B6 are the Bruce Fairbairn re mixes)

A1,A6 - from Scared To Dance LP, 1979
A2 - Working For The Yankee Dollar 7", 1979
A3 - Sweet Suburbia 7", 1978
A4,B2,B6 - from The Absolute Game LP, 1980
A5 - Masquerade 7", 1979
B1,B5 - from Days In Europa LP, 1979
B3 - B-Side of Into The Valley 7", 1979
B4 - recorded live (previously unreleased)

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