Skids - Masquerade

Skids - Masquerade 7"

Original Release Date


Release Information

UK 7" 1979 (Virgin - VS 262)

A Masquerade 2:45
B Out Of Town 4:15


UK 2x7" 1979 (Virgin - VS 262)

A Masquerade 2:45
B Out Of Town 4:15
C Another Emotion 3:00
D Aftermath Dub 3:00

Chart Placings

UK Chart Hit: 14, 9 wks


Richard Jobson - vocals
Stuart Adamson - lead guitar
William Simpson - bass
Thomas Kellichan - drums
Bill Nelson - keyboard arrangements ('Masquerade' and 'Aftermath Dub')

Produced by Bill Nelson/John Leckie

Reviews & Opinions

CLIFF WHITE, SMASH HITS, MAY 31 - JUNE 13, 1979: Staying in my imaginary club I gently lower the stylus at the beginning of 'Masquerade' and EEAAHHRRRGGG!!! Cor, I think I've just been blitzkrieged. Why are some records so much louder than others? That's what I want to know. Especially when the loudest one of the bunch starts off with what sounds like a battle between a monster pile-driving machine and a couple of angry chainsaws. All very virile stuff this, packaged as two singles in a folder sleeve.

Additional Notes

'Masquerade' later appeared on the remixed version of Days In Europa LP. 'Out Of Town' was subsequently re-recorded for The Absolute Game


Skids - Masquerade 7"


Skids - Masquerade 2x7"



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