Skids - The Singles Collection 1978-1981

Skids - The Singles Collection 1978-1981

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UK 2xCD 2012 (Captain Oi! - AHOY DCD 313)

Disc One
1 Charles
2 Reasons
3 Test-Tube Babies
4 Sweet Suburbia
5 Open Sound
6 The Saints Are Coming
7 Of One Skin
8 Night And Day
9 Contusion
10 Into The Valley
11 T.V.Stars (Live)
12 Masquerade
13 Out Of Town
14 Another Emotion
15 Aftermath Dub
16 Charade
17 Grey Parade
Disc Two
1 Working For The Yankee Dollar
2 Vanguard's Crusade
3 All The Young Dudes
4 Hymns From A Haunted Ballroom
5 Animation
6 Pros And Cons
7 Circus Games
8 One Decree
9 Goodbye Civilian
10 Monkey Mcguire Meets Specky Potter Behind Lochore Institute
11 Woman In Winter
12 Working For The Yankee Dollar (Live)
13 Fields
14 Brave Man
15 Iona
16 Blood And Soil

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Essential collection of the 7-inch A- and B-Sides. Would have been even better with the 12" version of 'Brave Man' and, if we wanted to be REALLY complete, the remixed 'The Olympian' from the Smash Hits flexi with Kid Jenson talking bollocks over it.

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