Slaughter & The Dogs - The Best Of

Slaughter & The Dogs - The Best Of

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US 2xCD 2002 (Taang! - TAANG! 170)

Disc One: Do It Dog Style
1 You're Ready Now
2 Situations
3 Where Have All the Boot Boys Gone
4 Victims of the Vampire
5 Boston Babies
6 I'm Waiting for the Man
7 I'm Mad
8 Quick Joey Small
9 You're a Bore
10 Keep on Trying
11 We Don't Care
12 Since You Went Away
13 Who Are the Mystery Girls
14 Dame to Blame
15 Johnny T
16 Come on Back
Disc Two: Bite Back
1 Now I Know
2 What's Wrong Boy
3 Won't Let Go
4 All Over Now
5 She Ain't Gonna Show
6 Hell in New York
7 Crashing Out With Lucy
8 Chasing Me
9 It's in the Mind
10 East Side of Town
11 Don't Wanna Die
12 I'm the One
13 One by One
14 What's Wrong Boy (Live)
15 Runaway

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Twofer containing Do It Dog Style and Bite Back, with extra tracks


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