The Slits - Cut

The Slits - Cut

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UK LP 1979 (Island - ILPS 9573)
US LP 1979 (Antilles - AN-7077)

A1 Instant Hit 2:41
A2 So Tough 2:38
A3 Spend, Spend, Spend 3:15
A4 Shoplifting 1:34
A5 FM 3:32
B1 Newtown 3:46
B2 Ping Pong Affair 4:13
B3 Love Und Romance 2:25
B4 Typical Girls 3:54
B5 Adventures Close To Home 3:22


UK 2xCD 2009 (Universal/Island - 5321250). Deluxe Edition

CD1: Cut
1 Instant Hit 2:41
2 So Tough 2:39
3 Spend, Spend, Spend 3:14
4 Shoplifting 1:35
5 FM 3:32
6 Newtown 3:46
7 Ping Pong Affair 4:14
8 Love Und Romance 2:25
9 Typical Girls 3:59
10 Adventures Close To Home 3:23
Bonus Tracks:
11 I Heard It Through The Grapevine 3:59
12 Liebe And Romanze 4:44
13 Typical Girls (Brink Style Dub) 4:18
14 Love And Romance 2:24
15 Vindictive 2:14
16 Newtown (John Peel BBC Radio 1 Session 1977) 3:28
17 Shoplifting (John Peel BBC Radio 1 Session 1977) 1:28
18 So Tough (John Peel BBC Radio 1 Session 1977) 2:16
19 Instant Hit (John Peel BBC Radio 1 Session 1977) 2:30
20 FM (John Peel BBC Radio 1 Session 1977) 3:34

CD2: Uncut
1 I Heard It Through The Grapevine ("Rough Mix") 3:45
2 Instant Hit (8 Track Demo) 2:32
3 Spend, Spend, Spend (8 Track Demo) 3:27
4 Newtown (8 Track Demo) 3:37
5 Adventures Close To Home (8 Track Demo) 3:37
6 Instant Hit ("Rough Mix") 2:42
7 So Tough ("Rough Mix") 2:39
8 Spend, Spend, Spend (Toast Version) 3:18
9 Shoplifting ("Rough Mix") 1:38
10 FM ("Rough Mix") 3:52
11 Newtown ("Rough Mix") 4:30
12 Ping Pong Affair ("Rough Mix") 4:39
13 Love Und Romance ("Rough Mix") 2:27
14 Typical Girls ("Rough Mix") 4:16
15 Adventures Close To Home ("Rough Mix") 3:26
16 So Tough (Outtake) 1:37
17 Instant Hit (Instrumental Outtake) 2:33
18 Typical Girls (Instrumental Outtake) 4:00
19 Spend, Spend, Spend (Dub Version) 3:15
20 In The Beginning, There Was Rhythm 5:53

Chart Placings

UK Chart Hit: 30, 4 wks


Created by The Slits and Palmolive
Drummer: Budgie
Produced by Dennis Bovell
In Time at the Right Time: Nora, Don Letts, Chris Langer, Disc O'Dell
Studio: Ridge Farm
Engineer: Mike Dunne
Photos: Pennie Smith
Bag: Bloomsfield/Travis

Ari Up – vocals
Viv Albertine – guitar
Tessa Pollitt – bass guitar
Budgie – drums

Produced by Dennis Bovell
All titles created by The Slits and Palmolive

Reviews & Opinions

RED STARR, SMASH HITS, SEPTEMBER 30 - OCTOBER 3, 1979: Once the worst band I've ever seen, The Slits are now one of the boldest, most interesting and musically challenging. It's rough and reggae stuff from the wild girls (may they ever stay this way) - catchy tunes fighting lyrics and a powerful personality that leaps right out at you. I'm impressed - Abba will never seem the same again. A bit on the short side at only 31 minutes but still easily the pick of the litter. Knockout - go and get it. Best Trax: 'Instant Hit', 'Typical Girls'. (9 out of 10).

PUNKY GIBBON: Released to generally good reviews in September '79, the most immediately notable thing about this (other than the striking cover art) was that they had learnt to play and had fully introduced Jamaican reggae and dub sounds into their repertoire. Reggae was part of the band's sound before, but you couldn't tell because they couldn't play it properly, and partially because Palmolive's insane drumming style was basically incompatible with the form. But the result wasn't white reggae of the kind perpetrated by The Police but a fascinating, convincing, consistently aurally thrilling slab of genuine art-punk lent an extra credibility by their choice of producer: Dennis Bovell. Ari Up's quavery, untrained, constantly out-of-key vocals are unmistakable, and Budgie's drumming helps hold things together when they seem like they're falling apart. Every song is impressively constructed and arranged, with interesting lyrics about sexual stereotypes (on the best song, 'Typical Girls') and the joys and thrills of the five fingered discount ('Shoplifting', later covered very badly by the Senseless Things). All but one song ('Vindictive') from the two Peel sessions are reprised but in radically altered form. A masterpiece. The CD adds lots of good rarities, including both of their Peel sessions and all three added cuts from the Typical Girls 7"/12".

Additional Notes

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The Slits - Cut - UK LP 1979 (Island - ILPS 9573)The Slits - Cut - UK LP 1979 (Island - ILPS 9573)

UK LP 1979 (Island - ILPS 9573). Click here for more

The Slits - Cut - US LP 1979 (Antilles	- AN-7077)The Slits - Cut - US LP 1979 (Antilles	- AN-7077)

US LP 1979 (Antilles - AN-7077). Click here for more (Note: Prior to this the LP was available in the US as an exported version of the UK LP with a "Jem" sticker on it.)

The Slits - Cut - UK 2xCD 2009 (Universal/Island - 5321250)

UK 2xCD 2009 (Universal/Island - 5321250). Deluxe Digipak. Click here for more


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