Special Duties - Violent Society

Special Duties - Violent Society - Rondelet

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UK 7" 1982 (Rondelet - ROUND 15)

A Violent Society 1:57
B1 It Ain't Our Fault 1:34
B2 Colchester Council 1:56

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Steve Arrogant - vocals
Bart - guitar
Stuart Oh Yeah Bray - drums
Steve Duty - bass

Recorded at STMS Colchester Nov 81
'77 In '82

Thanks to John Peel, Gary Bushell, Pete Reynolds, all the fans especially Andy from Harwich, Smed the Roadie, John & Mouldie from Chelmsford and to Lurkers for inspiration.

Produced by Pete Reynolds (or was it?)

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: A better, though still not-very-good, re-recording of the debut single.

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Special Duties - Violent Society - UK 7" 1982 (Rondelet - ROUND 15)Special Duties - Violent Society - UK 7" 1982 (Rondelet - ROUND 15)

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