Splodgenessabounds - Cowpunk Medlum

Splodgenessabounds - Cowpunk Medlum

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Release Information

UK 7"+Flexi 1981 (Deram - BUM 3 / BUMF 3)

A1 Cowpunk Medlum 2:40
(High Noon)
(Ghost Riders In The Sky)
A2 Brown Paper 2:02
B1 Have You Got A Light Boy? 2:07
B2 Morning Milky 3:37
C1 Yarmouth 5-0 0:47
C2 Brown Paper (Dub) 1:21

Chart Placings

UK Chart Hit: 69, 2 wks


Produced by Mike Robinson
Juicy Bits Thanks To Fiona and Judy
Artwork by Cream
Pics: Mike Inge

Additional Credits

Max Splodge - vocals
Tony Day - rhythm guitar
Ronny Rocka - lead guitar
William Strange (Chilli Willi) - bass
Ricci Titcombe - drums

Reviews & Opinions

STEVE BUSH, SMASH HITS, MAY 28 - JUNE 10, 1981: Gimmicks-a-go-go: a 4-track double 'A' sided single - including a dire cover version of 'Have You Got A Light Boy'; a free 2-track flexi disc and a full colour gatefold sleeve. And all to disguise a heap of completely naff material. I mean, fancy doing the 'Bonanza' theme - that really is flogging a dead horse.

Additional Notes

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Splodgenessabounds - Cowpunk Medlum - UK 7"+flexi 1981 (Deram - BUM 3 / BUMF 3)Splodgenessabounds - Cowpunk Medlum - UK 7"+flexi 1981 (Deram - BUM 3 / BUMF 3)

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