Formed: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Released two more singles in 1987 - Pope On Tour and Daddy's Drunk On Christmas - and a studio LP, Capital Class, in 1995, all on the No Pretense label. There has been more stuff since.


Subsequent studio albums: Capital Class (1995), Christmas Made In China (2010).

Singles / Albums

SS-20 - The Wealth Of Nations SS-20 - More Government Now SS-20 - Merry Christmas 1986: Is Santa Listening?    
The Wealth Of Nations
(7", 1985)
More Government Now
(LP, 1986)
Merry Christmas 1986: Is Santa Listening?
(LP, 1986)


Various Artists

Bad Entrails 4 Germany Tape 1988 (Psychic Brain Slash Tapes): Dioxin For Dinner / Spiritual Base

World Peace Compilation (Parts 2) UK Tape 1988 (LOL Tapes): Boring, Boring, Boring

Hyped To Death #11: U.S. & Canadian Punk 45s 1976-87: Sp-Te US CDR ???? (Hyped To Death): H Bomb Thunderstorm






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