Stranglers - A Night In London!

Stranglers - A Night In London!

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UK 2xLP 1980 (SIS - no cat no)

A1 (Get A) Grip (On Yourself)
A2 Hanging Around
A3 Tank
A4 Threatened
A5 Toiler On The Sea
B1 The Raven
B2 Sha Sha A Go Go
B3 Ice
B4 Dead Loss Angeles
B5 Nice N' Sleazy
C1 Peaches
C2 Bearcage
C3 Duchess
C4 No More Heroes
C5 5 Minutes
D1 Guests Introduction
D2 Do The European
D3 Something Better Change
D4 Down In The Sewer

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The Stranglers:
Jet Black - drums and percussion
Jean Jacques Burnel - bass and vocals
Hugh Cornwell - guitars and vocals
Dave Greenfield - keyboards

Special Guests
Hazel O'Connor on '(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)', 'Hanging Around', 'Bring on The Nubiles', 'Duchess', 'Something Better Change'
Robert Fripp on 'Tank', 'Threatened', 'Toiler On The Sea'
Peter Hammil on 'Tank', 'Threatened', 'The Raven', 'Sha Sha A Go Go'

Robin [sic] Smith, Wilko Johnson, Steve Hillage, Phil Daniels, Toya [sic] Wilcox, Nick [sic] Turner, Nigel Bennet, Nicky Tesco, Mick Gallagher, John Turnbull, Richard Jobson, John Ellis

All the guests are on 'Do The European'

Registered at Rainbow Theatre, London
Mixed at Olympic Studios, Barnes
Cover by "Fall Out Studio"

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Additional Notes

Bootleg. Track listing and credits above is as per the back cover of the LP. I haven't heard this bootleg but 'Do The European' is not on the legitimate CD reissue (Live In Concert) and the credit is obviously a mistake (as are all the misspelled names). The back cover also doesn't list 'Bring on The Nubiles' in the track listing but does credit Hazel O'Connor with singing it.


Stranglers - A Night In London! - UK 2xLP 1980 (SIS - no cat no)Stranglers - A Night In London! - UK 2xLP 1980 (SIS - no cat no)

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