The Stranglers - Forgotten Heroes

The Stranglers - Forgotten Heroes

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Italy CD 1991 (Triangle - PYCD 064). Bootleg
UK CD 2001 (Impress - PYCD 064 036)

1 Threatened 3:13
2 Straighten Out 2:55
3 Burning Up Time 2:44
4 London Lady 2:18
5 Down In The Sewer 6:49
6 5 Minutes 3:42
7 Toiler On The Sea 5:48
8 (Get A) Grip (On Yourself) 3:43
9 Dagenham Dave 3:18
10 Bring On The Nubiles 2:50
11 Dead Ringer 2:36
12 Hanging Around 4:17
13 Nice 'n' Sleazy 3:38
14 No More Heroes 3:39
15 Tank 2:57
16 Hanging Around (Different Version) 4:14
17 Something Better Change 3:22
18 Goodbye Toulouse 3:08
19 I Feel Like A Wog 3:47

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Triangle - PYCD 064:

Line Up:
Hugh Cornwell - guitar, vocals
Jean Jacques Burnel - bass, vocals
Dave Greenfield - keyboards
Jet Black - drums

Tracks 1-15: Agora, Cleveland, USA, 3-4-1978
Tracks 16-19: BBC, London, UK, 1-3-1977

Additional Credits

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Reviews & Opinions

THE JASON SHERGOLD MUSIC COLLECTOR SITE: 'Forgotten Heroes' documents, sort of, the now famous 1978 tour, where the band, having just released Black And White, often took to performing gigs more or less split into an opening half of old stuff ("Black") and a second half of new songs from the album ("White"), sometimes joined by the stand alone single 5 Minutes, issued after the No More Heroes album and before 'Black And White' (this explains why you can hear Cornwell shout 'Black And White!” before 'Curfew' on Live (X-Cert)). This CD was taped in America, at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland on 3rd April 1978, but seems to be heavily biased towards the earlier material - I guess this is because this particular show was conducted a month or so before the LP came out, so perhaps new material was being "held back". Much has been made of how, with the exception of the edited Battersea show, no mixing desk quality releases from the tour have ever been made available in full through the official channels, so this is the best you’re gonna get.

Additional Notes

CD tray of the 1991 has incorrect track listing and various mistakes (tracks 2 and 3 titles wrong way round, 'Toiler On The Sea' listed as 'Down In The Sewer (Reprise)' etc. The track listing above is correct.


The Stranglers - Forgotten Heroes - Italy CD 1991 (Triangle - PYCD 064)The Stranglers - Forgotten Heroes - Italy CD 1991 (Triangle - PYCD 064)

Italy CD 1991 (Triangle - PYCD 064). Click here for more

The Stranglers - Forgotten Heroes - UK CD 2001 (Impress - PYCD 064 036)

UK CD 2001 (Impress - PYCD 064 036)


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