The Stranglers - The Great Lost Stranglers Album

The Stranglers - The Great Lost Stranglers Album

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Japan LP 1983 (Liberty - K28P-321)

A1 Choosey Susie 3:13
A2 Peasant In The Big Shitty 3:45
A3 Go Buddy Go 3:58
A4 Straighten Out 2:48
A5 5 Minutes 3:17
A6 Rok It To The Moon 2:46
A7 Shut Up 1:05
B1 Walk On By 6:22
B2 Tits 5:27
B3 Mean To Me 1:56
B4 Old Codger 2:52
B5 Fools Rush Out 2:11
B6 Yellowcake UF6 3:01
B7 Sverige (Jag Ar Insnoad Pa Ostfronten) 2:10

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Hugh Cornwell
Jean Jacques Burnel
Dave Greenfield
Jet Black

Art Direction & Design: Masayuki Yano
Illustration: Shigenari Ohnishi

Additional Credits

Hugh Cornwell, guitars and vocals
Jean Jacques Burnel, bass and vocals
Dave Greenfield, keyboards
Jet Black, drums and percussion

Hugh Cornwell sings lead vocals on all songs except:
Jean Jacques Burnel: 'Choosey Susie', 'Go Buddy Go', '5 Minutes', 'Shut Up'
Dave Greenfield: 'Peasant In The Big Shitty'
George Melly: 'Old Codger'

A1-A2: Free single with first 10,000 pressings of Rattus Norvegicus LP, released May 1977
A3: Flipside of Peaches / Go Buddy Go, released May 1977
A4: Flipside of Something Better Change / Straighten Out 7", released July 1977
A5-A6: 5 Minutes 7", released January 1978
A7: B-Side of Nice 'N' Sleazy 7", released April 1978
B1-B3: Free single given away with first 75,000 copies of Black And White LP, released May 1978
B4: Flipside of Walk On By / Old Codger / Tank 7", released July 1978
B5:B-Side of Duchess 7", released August 1979
B6: B-Side of Nuclear Device (The Wizard Of Aus) 7", released October 1979
B7: A-Side of Sverige (Jag Är Insnöad På Östfronten), released in Sweden only, 1978

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The Stranglers - The Great Lost Stranglers Album - Japan LP 1983 (Liberty - K28P-321)The Stranglers - The Great Lost Stranglers Album - Japan LP 1983 (Liberty - K28P-321)

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