The Stranglers - The Great Lost Stranglers Album (Continued)

The Stranglers - The Great Lost Stranglers Album (Continued)

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Japan LP 1983 (Liberty - K28P-322)

A1 Don't Bring Harry (French Versions) 4:17
A2 In The Shadows (Live - Hope & Anchor '77) 4:48
A3 Bear Cage 2:51
A4 Bear Cage (Long Version) 6:30
A5 Shah Shah A Go Go (Long Version) 5:20
A6 Who Wants The World? 3:15
B1 The Meninblack (Waiting For 'Em) 3:35
B2 Top Secret 3:27
B3 Maninwhite 4:28
B4 Vietnamerica 4:10
B5 Love 30 4:00
B6 Strange Little Girl 2:42
B7 Cruel Garden 2:17

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Hugh Cornwell
Jean Jacques Burnel
Dave Greenfield
Jet Black

Art Direction & Design: Masayuki Yano
Illustration: Shigenari Ohnishi

Additional Credits

Hugh Cornwell, guitars and vocals
Jean Jacques Burnel, bass and vocals
Dave Greenfield, keyboards
Jet Black, drums and percussion

Hugh Cornwell sings lead vocals on all songs except:
Jean Jacques Burnel: 'Don't Bring Harry (French Versions)'

A1: A-Side of N'emmènes Pas Harry 7"/12", released in France only, 1980
A2: From the Don't Bring Harry 7", released November 1979
A3: A-Side of Bear Cage 7", released March 1980
A4-A5: Bear Cage / Shah Shah A Go Go 12", released March 1980
A6-B1: Who Wants The World?, released May 1980
B2: B-Side of Thrown Away, released January 1981
B3: B-Side of Just Like Nothing On Earth, released March 1981
B4: B-Side of Let Me Introduce You To The Family, released November 1981
B5: B-Side of Golden Brown, released January 1982
B6-B7: Strange Little Girl 7", released July 1982

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The Stranglers - The Great Lost Stranglers Album (Continued) - Japan LP 1983 (Liberty	- K28P-322)The Stranglers - The Great Lost Stranglers Album (Continued) - Japan LP 1983 (Liberty - K28P-322)

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