The Stranglers - Off The Beaten Track

The Stranglers - Off The Beaten Track

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UK LP 1986 (Liberty - LBG 5001)

A1 Go Buddy Go 3:57
A2 Top Secret 3:26
A3 Old Codger 2:51
A4 Man In White 4:24
A5 Rok It To The Moon 2:48
A6 Love 30 3:57
A7 Shut Up 1:06
B1 Walk On By (Full Length Version) 6:22
B2 Vietnamerica 4:14
B3 Mean To Me 1:55
B4 Cruel Garden 2:17
B5 Yellowcake UF 6 3:00
B6 5 Minutes 3:17

Chart Placings



A1: Hugely popular flip to Peaches double 'A' side single (UP 36248 UA).
A2: Flip to Thrown Away (BP 383 Liberty).
A3: Originally the flip to the Walk On By single version (UP 36429 UA). Specially written for George Melly who sings lead vocals. Also features Lew Lewis on harp.
A4: Coupled originally with Just Like Nothing on Earth (BP 393 Liberty). Features Pope John Paul II on vocals.
A5: Flip to 5 Minutes (UP 36350 UA).
A6: Formerly 'B' Side to Golden Brown (BP 407 Liberty). Wimbledon on acid.
A7: The Stranglers shortest song ever. 'B' Side to Nice 'N' Sleazy (UP 36379 UA).
B1: Original release (39 UA) free with Black And White album, then later that year remarkably released as a single (UP 36429) when it charted.
B2: Reverse of Let Me Introduce You To The Family (BP 405 Liberty).
B3: Together with 'Tits' this track featured on the free 'Black And White' single and was also covered by Celia & The Mutations 'Mony Mony'/'Mean To Me' (UP 36362 UA).
B4: Flipside of the '82 hit Strange Little Girl (BP 412 Liberty). Django/Grappelli inspired pastiche.
B5: Raw material for Uranium. As flip for Nuclear Device (BP 318 UA) this completed a powerful nuclear package.
B6: Like ' Rok It To The Moon', never released on an album (UP 36350 UA).

Photography by Colin Gray
Sleeve designed by Mark Farrow at 3.

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Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: A collection of B-sides. As usual, the best stuff is early works like 'Go Buddy Go' (boisterous boogie), 'Shut Up' (adrenalinised punk), '5 Minutes' (a Death Wish-style rape/murder yarn) and 'Old Codger'. The so-called "Wimbledon-on-acid" of 'Love 30' and the played-backwards noise of 'Yellowcake UF6' are weird experiments.

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The Stranglers - Off The Beaten Track - UK LP 1986 (Liberty - LBG 5001)The Stranglers - Off The Beaten Track - UK LP 1986 (Liberty - LBG 5001)

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